Montegrappa Grappa Pen

Montegrappa Grappa Pen – The Best of The Best Cult Collection

Montegrappa Italy is going to launch this fantastic eye candy, the best of the best of Montegrappa’s Cult Collection Fountain Pen – The Grappa Pens ! Comes October 2015, you will find this beautiful Montegrappa Grappa Pen in our windows that highlights this beautiful place in Italy and its iconic local wine specialty, Grappa. This is also the home of the oldest Italian pen company of the world, Montegrappa, since 1912.

Montegrappa Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Montegrappa Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The historic culture of Grappa producing one of the best wine of the regions is well known for centuries. The distilling of wine using aesthetic steampunk has inspired and influenced the design of Montegrappa Cult Collection – Grappa Pen in every single way. Continue reading Montegrappa Grappa Pen

Montegrappa Brain Pen and President Obama State Union Address About Brain Research

Montegrappa Brain Pen

Many have said that the 21st Century is The Century of The Brain.  Hence, Montegrappa celebrates its 100th Anniversary with this commemorative edition – The Montegrappa Brain Pen.

Montegrappa Brain Pen in Silver and gold
Discover The New Century with Montegrappa Brain Pen

Today, many of us are using computer correspondence on emails, mobile technology from Ipads and Iphones.  Many words are digital rather than hand written using our brain and the pen.

Montegrappa Brain pen - silver filigree
Montegrappa Brain pen – an extension of our emotional responses.

Archivst Howard Besser has cited “The default position of paper is persistence if not interrupted; the default condition of electronic signals is interrruption, if not periodically renewed.”

According to a classic paper, Ëffects of Mode of Writing on Emotional Narratives,” the experience and expression of emotion is facilitated by handwriting but not by typing.  It was also found that writing by longhand wrote more words, spent more time writing and reported significantly more disclosure than those in the typing condition. Continue reading Montegrappa Brain Pen and President Obama State Union Address About Brain Research