Putting A Face To Omas Pens For Sale ~ Till The Next Dawn

Omas Pens Till The Next Dawn

As many of the fountain pen aficionados may know, Omas Italy has finally switched its lights off on December 2015 after 90 glorious years of producing one of  the most captivating Italian pen brands from the city of Bologna.

It is difficult for many who do not know the face behind Omas Pens except enjoying the beautiful flexible nibs and wonderfully crafted celluloid fountain pens which Omas is most famous for making them.

Elephant & Coral first came into contact with Omas in 1996 when Omas Managing Director, Mr. Gianluca Malaguti, who is the grandson of the late Armando Simoni, the founder of OMAS, visited Elephant & Coral in Singapore.

Mr. Malaguti puts a face to the brand of Omas when he spoke passionately about the various Omas Collections ranging from Omas Paragon Collection, Omas Arte Italiana Collection and the highlights of his creative passion, Omas Limited Edition Fountain Pens.  His tone is always light and soft as if its like Omas pens which were renowned for its cotton light weight writing instruments.

No effort was spared to hand grind the precision fountain pen nibs to ensure that Omas Fountain Pens reached the hands of its users globally in flawless writing condition.  It was taken so seriously and tested by hand on the flexibility for its Flexible Nibs and polished to perfection for all its collection.

Omas Celluloid Collection is probably one of its highlights captivating avid fountain pen users with its lightweight and vivid colors.

Now that Omas’s lights are out, we are offering the last batch of Omas Pens For Sale and they are selling out really fast.  We are also offering for sale some very rare Vintage Omas Pens for sale and its the best opportunity to grab a piece of this history to avoid disappointment.  Most of these Omas Pens will be given a 15% discount on checkout (automatically calculated) except the rare Vintage Omas Pens.

Visit Elephant & Coral to view these final lot of Omas Pens to own a piece of Italian History.

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