Namiki Chinkin Collection – Master of A Thousand Dots And Lines

Namiki Chinkin Collection

Many collectors like the looks of Namiki Chinkin Collection because it revealed a lot of details with the mere lines and dots of the maki-e master.

In this special video, Elephant & Coral pays A Tribute To The Late Shouji Michikami with the title – Telling A Story with A Thousands Lines & Dots, you will see some of the best Namiki Chinkin Collection made by the late artist.

What was the story behind this special video?  For those who are not in the know, Namiki / Pilot was the first to introduce Chinkin to the world of fountain pens again after not seeing it in the pen market for a very long time.  Pilot Japan started introducing Namiki Chinkin Collection again from July 2006 with Shouji Michikami’s Sakura & Pheasant Limited Edition and sequentially, Emperor Chinkin Dragon and Emperor Chinkin Hawk etc.

There are other themes of chinkin pens that were made subsequently.  Namely, Emperor Tiger, Yukari Royale size squirrel, owl, knotted grass and peony, just to name a few.

Sakura Pheasant Chinkin pen
Namiki Sakura Pheasant Chinkin Limited Edition

These pens are all discontinued now.  However, if you still want some of these pens, do visit us at 333A Orchard Road, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery or drop us an email at to enquire.

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