The Faces of The Dragons

The Ultimate Rare AAA Namiki Dunhill Namiki Dragon Fountain Pen

Dunhill Namiki Dragon Fountain Pen

Faces Of The Dragons

Dragons are mythical creatures that has enchanted Asians, especially the Chinese, for thousands of years. In the new year 2012, lets talk about Dragon pens in its many forms as we inaugurate and welcome The Dragon Year 辰 or 龙.

Dunhill Namiki Dragon - Battle Of The Dragon Fountain Pen
The Faces of The Dragons

In ancient times, Dragons are liken to the ruling emperors and the emperor is also called “the son of the dragon” – 《天子》.  It was deliberate to give the utmost sovereign power to the emperor who rule over the thousands of peasants.  Even the costumes with dragon motif were wore only by emperors and all others who were found to have the dragon motif on the costumes were punishable by death.

For collectors who are familiar with the Montblanc Imperial Dragon, this is quite similar.  There will be more surprises as you continue to read on this article.

Hero Prosperity Chinese Dragon
Hero Prosperity Dragon fountain pen

Many fountain pens were made with dragon motifs in the past and present.  The fountain pen is a perfect set up for a dragon motif because it can be depicted with a curl around the barrel or the cap, which are usually cylindrical to give it the poise of a imminent pounce or the mysterious emergence from the clouds.

Hero Chinese Dragon Pen
Hero Dragon 14kt filigree

Another Dragon pen made by Hero around year 2000 of 14kt filigree.  The clip has the oracle Dragon script.

Montegrappa Silver Filigree Dragon
Montegrappa Silver Dragon

The Rare Montegrappa Silver Dragon Fountain Pen is one of the best dragon pens ever made with a dragon filigree.  The dragon has all the right poise, 5 claws symbolizing royalty and the aural of a “serious dragon”

Astoria Germany made an incredible Dragon clip pen, very similar, in fact, identical to the Montblanc Imperial Dragon as illustrate in the following picture:

Astoria Silver Dragon
Astoria Sterling Silver Dragon Fountain Pen

 I have always been amused by a “whimsical face” dragon made by Namiki for its Zodiac Collection.

Extremely Rare Namiki Zodiac Dragon
Namiki Zodiac Dragon; Rare Gold Zodiac Dragon

 In this picture, you will see mirror image of an identical Zodiac Dragon except that the right hand piece is an extremely rare zodiac dragon which was given to long service staff of Namiki after 30 years!  Imagine this is what one gets after years of service; I think it is more precious than gold.

Namiki Cumulus Dragon
Namiki Cumulus Dragon

The Namiki Cumulus Dragon shown above is an entry level dragon for enthusiasts who likes a Namiki pen and just wanted a dragon pen to write with.

Namiki Cumulus Dragon
Cumulus Dragon Face

My all time favourite and the ultimate of dragon pens ever made include the Dragon face Wind and Thunder God as illustrated   in the following pictures:

Face Of Dunhill Namiki Dragon Pen
Dunhill Namiki Dragon Pen ~ See face Of Thunder God

The fearsome looks of the dragon face wind and thunder gods appeared to be in a combative mode that creates the aural of power and its destructive nature.

 For the patient readers, this is the Extraordinary AAA Namiki Dunhill Namiki Fountain Pen eye candy:

Dunhill Namiki Thunder God And Dragon c. 1920s
Dunhill Namiki Thunder God & Dragon c. 1920s

 An excellent Rare AAA Namiki Dunhill Namiki Thunder God & Dragon c. 1920s sold in Bonhams ,May 2000.

This is the awesome Dunhill Namiki Dragon Fountain Pen collection “ Battle of The Mighty Dragons” by master artist Shogo c. 1920s.

May we wish all  our customers, friends around the world with good health, a brighter year ahead.  Watch how the dragon face expression as it soars to the tumultuous sky with its strength and mighty courage and the tarma in its claws………

Dunhill Namiki Battle of The Mighty Dragons


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