Putting A Face To Omas Pens For Sale ~ Till The Next Dawn

Omas Pens Till The Next Dawn

As many of the fountain pen aficionados may know, Omas Italy has finally switched its lights off on December 2015 after 90 glorious years of producing one of  the most captivating Italian pen brands from the city of Bologna.

It is difficult for many who do not know the face behind Omas Pens except enjoying the beautiful flexible nibs and wonderfully crafted celluloid fountain pens which Omas is most famous for making them.

Elephant & Coral first came into contact with Omas in 1996 when Omas Managing Director, Mr. Gianluca Malaguti, who is the grandson of the late Armando Simoni, the founder of OMAS, visited Elephant & Coral in Singapore.

Mr. Malaguti puts a face to the brand of Omas when he spoke passionately about the various Omas Collections ranging from Omas Paragon Collection, Omas Arte Italiana Collection and the highlights of his creative passion, Omas Limited Edition Fountain Pens.  His tone is always light and soft as if its like Omas pens which were renowned for its cotton light weight writing instruments.

No effort was spared to hand grind the precision fountain pen nibs to ensure that Omas Fountain Pens reached the hands of its users globally in flawless writing condition.  It was taken so seriously and tested by hand on the flexibility for its Flexible Nibs and polished to perfection for all its collection.

Omas Celluloid Collection is probably one of its highlights captivating avid fountain pen users with its lightweight and vivid colors.

Now that Omas’s lights are out, we are offering the last batch of Omas Pens For Sale and they are selling out really fast.  We are also offering for sale some very rare Vintage Omas Pens for sale and its the best opportunity to grab a piece of this history to avoid disappointment.  Most of these Omas Pens will be given a 15% discount on checkout (automatically calculated) except the rare Vintage Omas Pens.

Visit Elephant & Coral to view these final lot of Omas Pens to own a piece of Italian History.

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Namiki Gold Fish Pen Kingyo – Extraordinary

Extraordinary Namiki Pen – Namiki Gold Fish Pen (Kingyo) 

Fabulous Namiki gold fish pen against gold fish fan

Appreciating a Gold Fish pen by Namiki is not complete without knowing a bit of history of what Gold Fish meant to the Japanese.

The Japanese enjoy looking at these fishes and usually keep them in a large glass gold fish bowl. The first pure breed of Gold Fish was imported from China at the beginning of the 16th century, different species were imported during the Edo Period(1603-1867), and keeping kingyo for enjoyment became widespread. Until the 1960s, Gold Fish sellers flourished in Tokyo, carrying around kingyo-filled buckets suspended from a shoulder carrying pole.

A game called “Kingyo sukui”(Dip up gold fishes) is played at street stalls at summer festivals and fairs and even today is a lyrical feature of summer. Continue reading Namiki Gold Fish Pen Kingyo – Extraordinary

About Namiki Pen

About Namiki Pen

There are already many historical description of Namiki Pen Manufacturing Company available in maki-e reference books.  Here, let me provide a different angle of how Namiki Pen had evolved since the last few decades since the late 1980s till now.  It provides an important reference for Namiki Pen collectors in their research and gathering of information. Continue reading About Namiki Pen

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition – The Honor And Glory of A Samurai

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition Pen

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition pen

The Kabuto 兜 depicted in 2015’s Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition is a symbol of authority and decoration in feudal Japan as far back as the Edo period in the 17th century. Only 170 limited edition pieces of Namiki Kabuto fountain pens are made by distinguish Kokokai artisan, Michifumi Kawakuchi 倫史.

The highlights of this Kabuto Fountain Pen are the Kabuto 兜 (helmet) and the Tachi (sword) which marked the glory and the honour of a Samurai armour.

In this instance, the Kabuto and the Tachi are honored on May 5th during the Japanese festival of Tengo no Sekku (the Boys’ Festival). The Kabuto and Tachi are often displayed at home during this special occasion to honor Japanese boys as they enter adulthood.  It is the glorious moment when a boy enters into adulthood.

The Kabuto has also come to signify protection and to ward off evil and illness, while the Tachi incorporates the wish for the boys to grow into valiant young man.  The Kabuto was an important part of a samurai, and has a symbolic Japanese expression, sayings or codes related to them. Continue reading Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition – The Honor And Glory of A Samurai

Russian Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens Workshop in Elephant & Coral

Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens Came To Singapore Pen Shop!

On 24 May 2015, Ms. Tatjiana from Pakleh and Ms. Inna Kaufman representing Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens, made a special appearance in Elephant & Coral Singapore to showcase this iconic Imperial Russian Lacquer  art on fountain pens.

Many themes were painted on the fountain pens including Tsar Nikolai, ballerina, lions, legendary figurines like dragons, phoenix and Egyptians Pharaohs are painted on magnum size pens with such great beauty.  Audiences are also shown the intricate procedure of fine art painting on the paints which took each artist a month to finish each piece of masterpiece.

Visit Elephant & Coral at 333A Orchard Road, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery Singapore to view a full collection of these Russian Lacquer Pens to see and be enchanted by the splendor of Russia’s imperialistic past.  You can email us for more information at sales@elephant-coral.com

Graf Von Faber Castell Snakewood Pen Limited Edition – SG50 Golden Jubilee Set

SG50 Flag Singapore
SG50 Flag Singapore

For 50 years since 1965, Singapore strived to become a world class developed country.  Few countries are known or can claimed the crown glory of Singapore’s  miraculous development to its World Class developed status within such a short time.  But, Singapore did it.

Faber Castell Snake Wood Limited Edition SG50
Faber Castell Snakewood Pen – Limited Edition SG50

Celebrating the fruits of labour, Faber Castell Germany honours this extraordinary event of Singapore’s 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee with an extraordinary SG50 Golden Jubilee pen set called The Faber Castell SG50 Golden Jubilee Snake Wood Limited Edition made of precious wood – Snake Wood.

Faber Castell Snake Wood Rollerball SG50
Faber Castell Snakewood Pen – Rollerball SG50

What is so extraordinary about this Faber Castell Snakewood Pen set for the Golden Jubilee?  You will be surprised by the thoughts that went into the development of this Faber Castell Snakewood  Golden Jubilee Limited edition when I revealed the process.

Graf Von Faber Castell Snake Wood Ball pen Limited edition
Graf Von Faber Castell Snakewood pen – Ball pen Limited edition

Capturing the success of 1996 launch of Graf Von Faber Castell Snakewood pen then, many users and pen aficionados have acquired the exquisite taste of using and collecting the Snake Wood pen which is bigger in size than the current SG50 Faber Castell Snakewood Pen. Today, that same pen goes for around US$3,000 if one can still get it.  It was ordinary then but it is not now; just like Singapore.

Graf von Faber Castell Snake Wood Limited Edition 0.7 Mechanical Pencil
Graf von Faber Castell Snakewood Pen – Limited Edition 0.7 Mechanical Pencil

The new Faber Castell Snakewood SG50 Limited Edition pens comprised of 1761 pieces of each design of fountain pens, roller ball, ball pens and 0.7 mechanical pencils.

Graf Von Faber Castell Snake Wood Pen Engraving on the ends
Graf Von Faber Castell Snake Wood Pen Engraving on the ends

The choice of Latin American Snake wood is also chosen for Graf Von Faber Castell Snake Wood Limited edition pen sets is for special reasons.  In the Chinese Zodiac signs, the snake is the year 1965, the year of independence of Republic of Singapore.  The honour of choosing the snake wood to produce the pen is an excellent choice for every good reasons.

Graf von Faber Castell Snake wood SG50 Limited edition set presentation
Graf von Faber Castell Snakewood Pen – SG50 Limited edition set presentation

There is a twist here; there are however only 50 sets worldwide made differently. The first 50 serial numbers of matching snake wood fountain pen, snake wood rollerball, snake wood ball pen and snake wood 0.7 mechanical pencils will be sold as a Golden Jubilee set.  It’s getting emotional here because only these 50 sets are going to be engraved with numbers eg. 33 of 50 etc up till serial number 50.  All else are without serial numbers but with a certificate stating that it is one of the combination of the 1761 (the year of Faber Castell establishment). One more thing! Only these 50 Golden Jubilee quad sets are packed in 1 single luxurious box that other pens are singly packed.  What a day and what a luxurious presentation worthwhile to sing praises for the many years of labour this small nation has gone through.  Let’s take a look at these Graf Von Faber Castell Snake wood pens in perspective again.

Limited edition Faber Castell Snake Wood pen 2015
Limited edition Faber Castell Snakewood pen 2015

The natural platina of snake wood makes the use of the pen more pleasant as each day one holds and uses the pen day in and day out.  The extraordinary craftmanship of German precision technology in the Faber Castell Snake Wood Limited edition 2015 pen is unbeatable in all aspect of its thought process and its eventual birth.  Just like Singapore, it is precise, it’s advance and it’s smooth. Visit Graf Von Faber Castell shop in Singapore  Elephant & Coral at 333A Orchard Road, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery to clinch this extraordinary Faber Castell 2015 Snake Wood SG50 Golden Jubilee Limited edition pens to mark a special milestone for the extraordinary…… Call +65-67361322 or email at sales@elephant-coral.com Shipping Worldwide www.elephant-coral.com

The Heritage of Namiki Pens – Like Father Like Son

Namiki 4 Treasures Limited Edition Pink Sakura, Namiki Goose & Pink, Namiki Dancing Beauty and Namiki Sailing Boat
Namiki 4 Treasures Limited Edition Pink Sakura, Namiki Goose & Pink, Namiki Dancing Beauty and Namiki Sailing Boat

In the sequence preceding year 2001, a special collection of Namiki pens were made by Namiki. These are the Namiki  Pink Sakura, the Namiki Goose & Pink,  Namiki Dancing Beauty and Portuguese Tradeship (alias Sailing Boat).

The edition sizes were 62, 83, 75 and 73 pieces respectively with  the last matching numbered set being 62.  It was not easy to have all the 4 pieces to be in matching set as it took, literally, 3 years to have all the various pieces made and delivered to customers due to the immaculate detail in the making of these pens.  Many customers have forgotten about their order and from hind sight, it appears that the wait is all worth the while now as there are very few sets of four that are in matching numbers.

A quick reference to the book The Fountain Pens of The World revealed an interesting evidence that all these pens were actually a reproduction of prototypes made in the early years

  • Pink Sakura – reproduction of Vest Type, Raden Aogai-Pearl c. 1926
  • Goose & Pink – reproduction of a prototype c. 1968
  • Dancing Beauty – reproduction of Hagoromo c. 1926
  • Sailing Boat – reproduction of Portuguese Tradeship by Ritsuzan c. 1931

They are all absolutely fabulous masterpieces that are not available now except in the Pilot / Namiki museum archive.


Namiki Pink Sakura - Masterpiece of Kyusai Yoshida
Namiki Pink Sakura – Masterpiece of Kyusai Yoshida   吉田久齋


The reproduction of Namiki Pink Sakura was the most outstanding as it was made by then the Chief Kokokai 國光會Artist- Master Kyusai Yoshida (吉田久齋).  Appreciating the pen as one rotates the pen in the hand, it is as if you are looking at the glitter of a kaleidoscope. Pearls and aogai shells cut in the shapes of hearts to form the outline of sakura were seen as if it was in the floating world.


Namiki Goose & Pink by Seki Chida 正樹
Namiki Goose & Pink by Seki Chida 正樹

On a roiro background, the Namiki Goose & Pink revealed the simple pleasure of seeing a cute gander looking smart and right facing the world.   The outstanding creation of the goose using silver on its breast revealing details of the layers of feathers and the high relief taka maki-e lacquer on its torso is a pleasure to feel and touch.

It was the lowest priced pens then and was the first to be sold out.  Nevertheless, you can find the original prototype Goose & Pink in Elephant & Coral Singapore, from which the limited edition 83 pieces Goose & Pink, were modelled and reproduced around 2001.


a.    A Heritage of Maki-e Pens – The Briggs Collection (Book is available for sale at Elephant & Coral – click here )

b.   Fountain Pens of The World by Andreas Lambrou.

Prototype Pilot #4 Goose & Pink LF c. 1960s.  Extremely rare  & collectible. AAA grade condition
Prototype Pilot #4 Goose & Pink LF c. 1960s. Extremely rare & collectible. AAA grade condition


Namiki Dancing Beauty - Seki Chida 正樹
Namiki Dancing Beauty – Seki Chida 正樹

To many collectors, there are various reasons why certain pens appeal to them. Specifically, when comes to colour, green is not the colour many will cast their eyes on it.  Green is usually deeper in colour when comes to maki-e (so far, I have not seen lime green lacquer).  It is not the first preference for many users or collectors because it doesn’t stand out.

In the case of the Namiki Dancing Beauty, I have always advocate it as the ugly duckling that turns into a beautiful swan; if only one knows and sees beyond what this pen means in the future.  The resemblance of this pen to an antique 1926 design is no coincidence but shows the high level of appreciation of art during the golden age of fountain pens.

The slender figure of the dancer under the aogai inlaid cherry blossom tree has an intricate illustration of aogai pearl shells,taka maki-e high relief lacquer  and detail exhibit of the beauty of the clad kimono.  On close scrutiny, the green lacquer is not just pure green but sprinkles of aogai shells are visible within the lacquer.

Green lacquer is not only rare in many maki-e but also precious.  Essentially, because many did not like it on first sight; few are being collected or in the hands of users.  Isn’t this a perfect excuse to collect it?  Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder….


The only Jumbo 50 Emperor size pen made by Namiki among the collection.  Namiki Portuguese Tradeship (alias Namiki Sailing Boat) illustrated a huge majestic ship in the ports of the Bugafu government.

Namiki Sailing Boat (alias Portuguese Tradeship) 真人
Namiki Sailing Boat (alias Portuguese Tradeship) 真人

With the maru pun gold dust sprinkled lightly on the entire pen and togidashi maki-e to give it the archaic look, the artist attempted to create a hybrid of the East and West cultures to appeal to foreigners.

Today, more than a decade now, a full set of these 4 matching numbered pens are rare and precious due to many reasons.  It’s intrinsic value of beauty and art is undeniably the most interesting by Namiki in its attempt to bring back beauty of fine writing instruments during the Golden Ages of Fountain Pens during the 1920s and 30s.

All pens viewed on this blog are available and you are most welcomed to enquire on its availability from Elephant & Coral Singapore.  Contact: sales@elephant-coral.com or +65-6736-1322

Is there really a Namiki fountain pen that has 12 oriental zodiac on just one fountain pen?

Whenever one is thinking of oriental zodiac fountain pens, one is thinking of 12 different animals and hence 12 different fountain pens with each pen representing one animal.

Zodiac Fountain Pen by Namiki
Namiki Zodiac Foutain Pen – Dog

    There is a chronology on the order of oriental zodiac starting from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and last of it, the Piggy, representing the 12 year cycle.

 (Ref:  http://holidays.slides.kaboose.com/118-animals-of-the-chinese-zodiac)

In the history of Namiki, 2 versions of zodiac fountain pens were made in the past and present.  The original version was made of ebonite and decorated with taka maki-e (high relief lacquer and some jim-maki-e (gold dust lacquering), more light weight, flat top and bottom. (see above)

Legendary artists who had made these earlier  fountain pens include

¨ Kyusai Yoshida 吉田久斋 (Pig, Rabbit, Ram)

¨ Hyakusen Murata 村田百川(Rooster,Snake, Ox)

¨ Masaru Hayashi 林胜(Dog, Monkey, Horse,Tiger)

¨  Yasunori Sakamoto 坂本康则(Dragon, Rat).
This collection was discontinued since 2007-2008 and replaced by a newer edition of zodiac  collection made of metallic brass (kintai);  heavier and a little more expensive.

Incidentally, we have come across one such fountain pen that changed the way we looked at individual Namiki Zodiac fountain pen vis-à-vis seeing one large Emperor Namiki fountain pen that has all the 12 legendary animals together.    It was like a myth and a dream!

Rare Namiki Zodiac Fountain Pen
Rare Namiki Zodiac Fountain Pen with 12 Animals in one fountain pen

The Myth that was not a Dream

Some questions occurred in our minds:

1. Is it ever possible to even have one fountain pen that has all 12 animals on one pen itself  without compromising the beauty and harmony of the pen?

2.  Did Namiki ever make such a pen?

Namiki Zodiac Fountain Pen with Tiger & Monkey
Cap – Motif of Tiger & Monkey

Fortunately, our concerns were unfounded.

The first sight of this Namiki Emperor size fountain pen made by Hyakusen Murata in his earlier years, brought  about the joy of  ecstasy.  Our faces brightened up when we laid the pen on this table.

Barrel showing Snake, Rabbit, Ram & Piggy partially hidden
Barrel shows Snake, Rabbit, Ram & partially hidden Pig

It had all the signs of craft skills from Master Hyakusen Murata ; his subtleness, skillful display of jim-maki-e (a trademark of his skills in using kimpun) and skillful conceptualization.  Pen was made with kinji background, taka maki-e, rankaku and kimpun maki-e.

Close up of Dragon, Tiger & Dog
Cap showing Dragon, Tiger & Dog
Barrel showing Ox, Horse & Rooster
Fountain Pen Barrel showing motif of Ox, Horse & Rooster

 Even if we are not the ultimate proud owner of one of this very rare pen in this world; the glimpse of it brings us back to childhood and that smile that makes our days ahead cheery and meaningful.