Russian Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens Workshop in Elephant & Coral

Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens Came To Singapore Pen Shop!

On 24 May 2015, Ms. Tatjiana from Pakleh and Ms. Inna Kaufman representing Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens, made a special appearance in Elephant & Coral Singapore to showcase this iconic Imperial Russian Lacquer  art on fountain pens.

Many themes were painted on the fountain pens including Tsar Nikolai, ballerina, lions, legendary figurines like dragons, phoenix and Egyptians Pharaohs are painted on magnum size pens with such great beauty.  Audiences are also shown the intricate procedure of fine art painting on the paints which took each artist a month to finish each piece of masterpiece.

Visit Elephant & Coral at 333A Orchard Road, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery Singapore to view a full collection of these Russian Lacquer Pens to see and be enchanted by the splendor of Russia’s imperialistic past.  You can email us for more information at

Namiki Chinkin Collection – Master of A Thousand Dots And Lines

Namiki Chinkin Collection

Many collectors like the looks of Namiki Chinkin Collection because it revealed a lot of details with the mere lines and dots of the maki-e master.

In this special video, Elephant & Coral pays A Tribute To The Late Shouji Michikami with the title – Telling A Story with A Thousands Lines & Dots, you will see some of the best Namiki Chinkin Collection made by the late artist.

What was the story behind this special video? Continue reading Namiki Chinkin Collection – Master of A Thousand Dots And Lines

Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen Collection 沉金-Telling Stories of A Thousand Lines And Dots – A Tribute To the Late Shouji Michikami of Namiki

About Namiki Chinkin Fountain Pen

A Chinkin Fountain Pen 沉金 万年筆 is such a beautiful piece of art to adore. The technique itself is a commonly used traditional Japanese maki-e art form whereby thousands of lines and dots were carved onto a hard surface and then hand  filled with gold powder to highlight the patterns on it.  As a layman, I had tried my hands on carving a single straight line focusing my strength on a sharp pointed cutting tool but only a scratch appeared.

To make it even harder, the dots (den buri) and lines (sen buri) are to be created to present an overall image to reveal a masterpiece. (see image below)

Chinkin Dragon
Before Namik Chinkin Fountain Pen first appeared, this is a Chinkin Rising Dragon From The Fury Seas made in 1998.

That was what happened in 2003 when Namiki first showed the Chinkin collection to us.  The Emperor Chinkin Dragon captivated my eyes among the rest of the collection, namely the Namiki Chinkin Hawk, Owl and Squirrel.  The works were done by Mr. Shouji Michikami.

Chinkin Collection became an instant hit with the world of pen collectors that drove Namiki to launch the successful Pheasant & Sakura Limited Edition in 2006, a 99 pieces limited edition.  The success was met with an avalanche of orders and it rested on the shoulders of one man – the late Mr. Shouji Michikami.  Watch this video on YOUTUBE:

The craftsman was swamped with so much order and he fell sick.  The orders took anything from 2 years to 4 years to deliver while the world waited.

In 2010, we hear the departure of Mr. Shouji Michikami.  We have only his works to remember this craftsman who had bravely soldiered on to create these beautiful Chinkin Fountain Pen Collection for us in our hands.

I had created this short video to pay a tribute to this craftsman whom we know little about but we can remember his wonderful works.  Some information may not be very accurate but to a certain extent shows our thoughts.

Enquiries on Chinkin Dragon, Namiki Chinkin Owl, Chinkin Hawk, Namiki Chinkin Squirrel to or visit Elephant & Coral website.  Telephone: +65-6736-1322