Namiki Gold Fish Pen Kingyo – Extraordinary

Extraordinary Namiki Pen – Namiki Gold Fish Pen (Kingyo) 

Fabulous Namiki gold fish pen against gold fish fan

Appreciating a Gold Fish pen by Namiki is not complete without knowing a bit of history of what Gold Fish meant to the Japanese.

The Japanese enjoy looking at these fishes and usually keep them in a large glass gold fish bowl. The first pure breed of Gold Fish was imported from China at the beginning of the 16th century, different species were imported during the Edo Period(1603-1867), and keeping kingyo for enjoyment became widespread. Until the 1960s, Gold Fish sellers flourished in Tokyo, carrying around kingyo-filled buckets suspended from a shoulder carrying pole.

A game called “Kingyo sukui”(Dip up gold fishes) is played at street stalls at summer festivals and fairs and even today is a lyrical feature of summer. Continue reading Namiki Gold Fish Pen Kingyo – Extraordinary

About Namiki Pen

About Namiki Pen

There are already many historical description of Namiki Pen Manufacturing Company available in maki-e reference books.  Here, let me provide a different angle of how Namiki Pen had evolved since the last few decades since the late 1980s till now.  It provides an important reference for Namiki Pen collectors in their research and gathering of information. Continue reading About Namiki Pen

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition – The Honor And Glory of A Samurai

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition Pen

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition pen

The Kabuto 兜 depicted in 2015’s Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition is a symbol of authority and decoration in feudal Japan as far back as the Edo period in the 17th century. Only 170 limited edition pieces of Namiki Kabuto fountain pens are made by distinguish Kokokai artisan, Michifumi Kawakuchi 倫史.

The highlights of this Kabuto Fountain Pen are the Kabuto 兜 (helmet) and the Tachi (sword) which marked the glory and the honour of a Samurai armour.

In this instance, the Kabuto and the Tachi are honored on May 5th during the Japanese festival of Tengo no Sekku (the Boys’ Festival). The Kabuto and Tachi are often displayed at home during this special occasion to honor Japanese boys as they enter adulthood.  It is the glorious moment when a boy enters into adulthood.

The Kabuto has also come to signify protection and to ward off evil and illness, while the Tachi incorporates the wish for the boys to grow into valiant young man.  The Kabuto was an important part of a samurai, and has a symbolic Japanese expression, sayings or codes related to them. Continue reading Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition – The Honor And Glory of A Samurai

Montegrappa Grappa Pen

Montegrappa Grappa Pen – The Best of The Best Cult Collection

Montegrappa Italy is going to launch this fantastic eye candy, the best of the best of Montegrappa’s Cult Collection Fountain Pen – The Grappa Pens ! Comes October 2015, you will find this beautiful Montegrappa Grappa Pen in our windows that highlights this beautiful place in Italy and its iconic local wine specialty, Grappa. This is also the home of the oldest Italian pen company of the world, Montegrappa, since 1912.

Montegrappa Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Montegrappa Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The historic culture of Grappa producing one of the best wine of the regions is well known for centuries. The distilling of wine using aesthetic steampunk has inspired and influenced the design of Montegrappa Cult Collection – Grappa Pen in every single way. Continue reading Montegrappa Grappa Pen

Faber Castell Honours Singapore 50th Anniversary with Faber Castell Limited Edition Pens and Video

Weaving Dreams With Pencils

Faber Castell honours Singapore’s 50th Anniversary with 2 special activities:

Faber Castell Limited Edition Pens

Graf Von Faber Castell produced 50 unique sets of Faber Castell Limited Edition pens called Singapore SG50 Snakewood Pen set for the island state to celebrate its 50 glorious years of nation building.  Besides these 50 sets of Faber Castell Limited Edition pens, 1761 pieces of Faber Castell Limited Edition pens comprising of fountain pens, rollerball, ball pen and mechanical pens for each design for the rest of world.  The choice of using snakewood to be the main material on the pens is simply brilliant.  The 2 main reasons of using snakewood are :

1.  1965 is the year of which Singapore became an independent state and it is also the year of the snake in the oriental zodiac

2.  The snakewood was made successful because in 1996, Graf Von Faber Castell made a magnum size snakewood pen which remains as a favorite to many pen collectors till today.

Snakewood fountain pen
Faber Castell Snake Wood Limited Edition SG50

Video “The Pencil Space” by Kerstin Schulz

There is this special video clip to show “The Pencil Space” by Kerstin Schulz (Der BleistiftRaum Der Kerstin Schulz).   In this video, Faber Castell expressed how its wonderful green iconic pencils can be Weaving Dreams in “The Pencil Space” through an artistic illustration with the public.  The resonance with the public is simply beyond words.

For more information on the Snakewood pens, please do not hesitate to visit Elephant & Coral Singapore to view this unique collector pen Faber Castell Limited Edition Pens for 2015.


Russian Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens Workshop in Elephant & Coral

Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens Came To Singapore Pen Shop!

On 24 May 2015, Ms. Tatjiana from Pakleh and Ms. Inna Kaufman representing Phoenix Lacquer Art Pens, made a special appearance in Elephant & Coral Singapore to showcase this iconic Imperial Russian Lacquer  art on fountain pens.

Many themes were painted on the fountain pens including Tsar Nikolai, ballerina, lions, legendary figurines like dragons, phoenix and Egyptians Pharaohs are painted on magnum size pens with such great beauty.  Audiences are also shown the intricate procedure of fine art painting on the paints which took each artist a month to finish each piece of masterpiece.

Visit Elephant & Coral at 333A Orchard Road, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery Singapore to view a full collection of these Russian Lacquer Pens to see and be enchanted by the splendor of Russia’s imperialistic past.  You can email us for more information at

Namiki Pen Clinic meeting Namiki Pen Doctor Mr. Takizawa with Namiki Pen For Sale

Namiki pen nibs are well known to many pen users for delivering the best writing experience.  It comes in various nib sizes from EF (extra fine), SMF (soft medium fine), MS (Music Soft) etc.  You can see the range of nib sizes available on this chart:

Namiki pen nib chart:
Namiki pen nib sizes
This chart shows the various nib sizes and its feel of soft or hard nibs in Namiki pens or Pilot Pens

For a very long time, whenever there is a Namiki pen for sale , it is fitted with only F, M and B nibs.  But, over the years as calls for Namiki to increase the range of nibs available for users, they have finally take heed.

In fact, most of the Namiki pen nibs are actually available long ago; except that it was available only in the domestic market for PILOT pens.

The experience of using a Namiki pen nib is enhanced if you can start to use the bigger or perhaps, the biggest pen nib; The Jumbo 50 Namiki pen nib.  It is usually fitted only in the Emperor size pens which measures 15.5 cm in length.

It’s like sitting behind a Rolls Royce where you can feel the steadiness of how the nib glides on the paper as if you can actually feel the grains on the paper!

When it comes to negotiating the corners, it never skips and continue to deliver the unmatched writing experience of the grip on the paper surface.

The most beautiful part is about to come……the scratching of the sound on the paper.  It is like music to the ears of a true writer because it delivers an almost subliminal instinct to produce creative juices in the writer that it prompts the user to chase after the creative idea one after another and another… That’s the experience of using the Jumbo 50 Namiki pen nib.

Of course, you will find differing experience using the Yukari Royale, Yukari and the Nippon Art collection.  All will give you differing experiences because the size of the pen differs with the nib that was fitted to it.

Namiki Pen nib clinic was the first of a series of activity Pilot Japan interacts with its customers to understand their special requirement on the pen nib.

Continue reading Namiki Pen Clinic meeting Namiki Pen Doctor Mr. Takizawa with Namiki Pen For Sale

Montegrappa Brain Pen and President Obama State Union Address About Brain Research

Montegrappa Brain Pen

Many have said that the 21st Century is The Century of The Brain.  Hence, Montegrappa celebrates its 100th Anniversary with this commemorative edition – The Montegrappa Brain Pen.

Montegrappa Brain Pen in Silver and gold
Discover The New Century with Montegrappa Brain Pen

Today, many of us are using computer correspondence on emails, mobile technology from Ipads and Iphones.  Many words are digital rather than hand written using our brain and the pen.

Montegrappa Brain pen - silver filigree
Montegrappa Brain pen – an extension of our emotional responses.

Archivst Howard Besser has cited “The default position of paper is persistence if not interrupted; the default condition of electronic signals is interrruption, if not periodically renewed.”

According to a classic paper, Ëffects of Mode of Writing on Emotional Narratives,” the experience and expression of emotion is facilitated by handwriting but not by typing.  It was also found that writing by longhand wrote more words, spent more time writing and reported significantly more disclosure than those in the typing condition. Continue reading Montegrappa Brain Pen and President Obama State Union Address About Brain Research

Namiki Chinkin Collection – Master of A Thousand Dots And Lines

Namiki Chinkin Collection

Many collectors like the looks of Namiki Chinkin Collection because it revealed a lot of details with the mere lines and dots of the maki-e master.

In this special video, Elephant & Coral pays A Tribute To The Late Shouji Michikami with the title – Telling A Story with A Thousands Lines & Dots, you will see some of the best Namiki Chinkin Collection made by the late artist.

What was the story behind this special video? Continue reading Namiki Chinkin Collection – Master of A Thousand Dots And Lines